CRM made specifically for immigration consultants admission teams for abroad study and other immigrations programs

An Intense international CRM created specifically for leading consultancies to digitize their admissions procedure and increase maximum lead conversion rates by ten times.

Why CRM Portal?

A Complete CRM Portal For Immigraton Services.


We have used Microsoft Azure Cloud to host CRM Portal. We Use Most Advanced Immigration Services.


Your Case and Hearings Data is Safe and Available for you, Anytime at Any place using any device with access to internet.


CRM Portal is crafted using most advanced design and development techniques, We never compromise with user experience.

Web Application

CRM Portal Web Application is Compatible with all latest browsers and devices. Its design automatically adjust for device.

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CRM Portal Mobile Apps are very handy and easy to use. Our Mobile Apps cover wide range of Smart Phones.


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About Our App

Pool of applicants and leads combined

Unite your team around a single platform, and don’t let a single piece of data, document, or task slip through the gaps. They may work whenever, wherever, and however they choose, thanks to customized views and cloud-based applications.

Constant communication throughout the admissions process

Utilizing both offline and online channels, interact and connect with applicants with ease. With the help of our all-in-one communication integrated education CRM, our communication platform supports every touchpoint, including voice and text-based channels like calls, SMS, emails, IVRs, chatbots, and WhatsApp.

Follow-ups on a regular basis, as well as preset notification alerts

Our built-in calendars can be used to manage all time-sensitive fall and spring appointments. Never forget a follow-up again with our notification reminders for all applicants and study abroad candidates. Set up alerts based on global admissions calendars and thoughtfully get candidates ready in plenty of time.

Measure and enhance admit results

You can use 100 various types of configurable dashboards to understand application admissions and rejections, channel ROI, engagement results, and counselor performance in real-time. This will assist you in making data-driven business decisions.

More features entail

  • Lead Verification

    Use OTP to quickly verify large numbers of leads.

  • Email Automation

    Make use of the drip and trigger-based email campaigns to automate your lead nurturing process.

  • Advanced Email Editor

    With the help of our drag-and-drop email editor, emails may be quickly created.

  • Call Recording

    Examine your counselors’ phone conversations to better prepare them for future opportunities.

  • Payment Integration

    Collect application fees and other fees by integrating your payment methods effectively.

  • Inbuilt WhatsApp Communication

    Send personalized messages to prospects using the CRM’s built-in WhatsApp feature.

  • Over 150 Data-Driven Reports

    Utilize customized reports to evaluate your marketing and admissions efforts.

  • Remarketing

    Run targeted and intent-based advertising on Facebook and Google Ads using lists you’ve created in the CRM.

  • Rule Engine for Task Automation

    Run triggered-based campaigns, assign leads automatically, and change status based on activity, among other things.

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free / First 3 Months

  • Lead Management
  • Pre-qualification & Lead Scoring
  • Follow-ups & Reminders
  • College Management
  • Email/SMS Support
  • Unlimited Contacts & Updates
  • User Access Control
Best Seller

$ 199 / six Months

  • Lead Management
  • Pre-qualification & Lead Scoring
  • Follow-ups & Reminders
  • College Management
  • Email/SMS Support
  • Unlimited Contacts & Updates
  • User Access Control

$ 399 / Annually

  • Lead Management
  • Pre-qualification & Lead Scoring
  • Follow-ups & Reminders
  • College Management
  • Email/SMS Support
  • Unlimited Contacts & Updates
  • User Access Control

Intense international CRM is Customer Relationship Management software that helps consultants with lead integration, management, and nurturing in order to increase admissions and conversion rates. It addresses the primary issues that the international admission team has, such as handling multiple lead lists, providing a centralized platform for storing documents, and monitoring the status of visa applications. The Intense international CRM aids in the maintenance of several lead lists for various segments. Admissions, training, and visa applications will each have their own lead funnel. Every detail about a prospective lead, including personal information, demographics, region, course/program which they are applying for, source, and stage, will be available in the CRM. This information assists the admissions team in further guiding the potential student through various communication channels such as SMS, email, phone calls, video calls, and also WhatsApp. Another significant feature of international CRM is that it gives a single platform for document storage for each prospect. You will be saving so much time by not having to hover over excel sheets and create different papers for each lead. In addition, it offers a well-organized visa application tracker that records the status of applications from enrollment to emigration. So, in essence, if you know how to use an Intense international CRM effectively, you will eventually be rid of all the admission management confusion.

Intense international CRM is ideal for managing numerous lead lists. When we say “multiple lead list,” we mean one for admissions, training, and visa applications. All of these lists are controlled from end to end by our foreign CRM.

Numerous funnels: The Intense international CRM is developed in such a way that it offers several funnels for each lead list, as well as the status of lead actions.

Targeted lead nurturing: Tracking lead activity enables the admission team to perform more effectively and efficiently, allowing them to focus on lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing techniques: There are numerous communication channels available for lead nurturing, including Chatbot, SMS, Email, IVR calls, Video calls, and WhatsApp.

Secure database: The Intense international CRM safeguards all of your lead databases. You can also use the CRM’s bulk upload feature to upload existing data.

No lead leakage: The CRM offers strong lead source integration. A further element that reduces lead loss is periodic follow-ups and notification alerts.

In essence, our single platform Intense international CRM saves you from all the switching between Excel and spreadsheets.

The status of visa applications can, of course, be tracked within the Intense international CRM. Your counselors are not required to take follow-up calls from various agencies. Every step, whether it’s submitting the appropriate documents, paying the visa fee, or booking the visa interview, is monitored and updated in the CRM.

Here are a few key points to consider:

The Intense international CRM includes an application form on which all essential documents for visa applications could be uploaded and saved.

The payment gateway made for the visa application fee has been integrated, so students can pay the fee directly through the CRM.

The Intense international CRM is well-structured enough to track the visa application from start to finish.

So, with our Intense international CRM, your manual work is effectively eliminated!

Yes, Intense international CRM may undoubtedly solve the issue of numerous document storage. Basically, we have two significant difficulties here. The initial step is to gather all of the necessary paperwork, and the second is to gather all of the documents in one location. We fixed both of these issues with our application form.

A student-facing application form is created where students can upload their PDF papers. All documents will be collected and maintained together in a single location. Your counselors do not need to gather documents from various sources and create individual documents for each student.

Intense international CRM is a one-stop shop for your admissions department.

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